We create GIS solutions for easy visualization and data management.
  • We have two main products - the offline “7 Ways” navigator for personal navigation, as well as the lightweight GIS “AirLay” for corporations and government agencies.
  • Our specialization is individual solutions for clients' tasks. Unlike most companies, we are young, mobile and easily take into account the needs of customers in their work.
  • We have the ability to dive deeply into your project and offer several options for solving problems. For this we have chosen such big clients as “IDGC of Siberia” and “The government of the Altai Krai”

Our clients:

Правительство Алтайского Края
МРСК Сибири

Ready-made solutions with the possibility of completion for your tasks

Web-platform AirLay

Web-platform AirLay

Navigator “7 Ways”

Navigator “7 Ways”

Services for companies:

Development and integration of individual GIS solutions
GIS product support

Navikey team has been working with GIS since 2009

We have accumulated a large knowledge base on various tasks for dozens of fields of activity. Therefore, we are confident that we will solve your problem faster than other teams, all other things being equal.

Лихачева Анастасия


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